Audi + Alf

What happens when a creative go-getter marries the brother of a talented artist? They start a phenomenal hand watercolored paper business, Audi + Alf! That's exactly what happened when Stephy (left), married Audreys (right) brother Gus (he's also the best). By day Stephy is in commercial real estate and Audrey is an insurance actuary. Audrey is a sweet introvert while Stephy is the life of the party. They may be very different, but those differences come together in perfect harmony on the page! Audreys watercooler designs are digitally transferred and locally printed onto wrapping paper, gift tags, note pads, and stationery. With these two the sky is the limit, and we can't wait to see what they come up with next! Stephy has shopped with us since we opened and once you meet her ... it's impossible not to love her! When Audi + Alf launched it was a no brainer that this was a company we had to be around! Not only are they truly the most amazing people, but their product is one we are proud to carry, support, and gift to our friends! Come by Olivia G to see their line in person - they're always coming out with something new!
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