Marquette ~ Dallas Artist

Marquette has devoted much of her 19-year career to being a fitness instructor, personal trainer, and lymphatic enhancement therapist. To balance her high-intensity work, she enjoys indulging in the serenity of cooking, baking, and creating art. Marquette's art career took off when her husband went to Airborne School for several weeks in the military. She utilized his time away to create some large-scale pieces for friends, which soon lead to referrals and opportunities to sell her work at fine art stores in Dallas. She is passionate about creating custom art for clients. Marquette's enthusiasm and talent for creating art stem from her belief that God has given her the ability to bring joy and color to people's lives. She is fascinated by the symbolism and the various ways in which nature represents life. One of her greatest inspirations is the butterfly, which symbolizes new life as the caterpillar undergoes a transformative process to earn its wings. Marquette is also deeply moved by the Bible's use of nature imagery such waves, oceans, and other natural, elements to explain different aspects of life. Marquette's art cubes are available at Olivia G, and we are thrilled to showcase them! 

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